Energy from cannabis


Nature was set up so that we could heal ourselves with the help of resources from the immediate area. We therefore return to plants known for their healing effects.

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Antivirus protection

Disinfectant solution

Disinfectant solution Antiviral, antibacterial solution for hands, with plant extract and mint. It removes up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, without the use of water with regard to skin sensitivity.

Surgical drapes

Disposable three-layer mouthpiece made of a pleasant light material, which ensures protection of the respiratory system.


The P2 respirator offers reliable and effective protection in hot and humid conditions.

The best-selling products

Hemp drops

Hemp oil and full-spectrum hemp extract with different CBD content, in RAW quality.

Hemp ointments

Hemp ointment with a high content of CBD and other active substances in hemp.

Energy drinks

A unique herbal drink with CBD and natural caffeine, which provides energy and strengthens health.

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Customer reviews

My doctor, who diagnosed me with rheumatoid arthritis, recommended CBD oil for the chronic pain I suffer from. I am allergic to anti-inflammatory drugs, so my only relief is painkillers. My doctor asked me if I was willing to try CBD oil. I agreed and it saved me. In addition to chronic pain, I also suffer from anxiety and depression. CBD oil really changed my life… I used other drops from another brand, but they didn't have the expected effect like these, I highly recommend it.
Alena Gáborová
I met Cannmedi for the first time at the Evolution festival, because I also exhibited, it was very physical and mentally demanding for me. The girls recommended an energy drink for me to wake up and at the same time calm down from stress. I already had 3 coffees, I was afraid that I would be "over-decaffeinated", but I must say that it really helped me! The very next day I bought an energy drink and a drop by the end. Because I'm often under stress and I get easily absorbed by events, CBD helps me calm down and get rid of anxiety.
I am actively involved in fitness. I tried the Energy drink in front of the gym. At first I was skeptical and didn't believe that it would have any effect on me, as I am used to regular energy drinks. I have to say that although I didn't feel as excited as after a classic energy drink or coffee, I had enough energy for a long time and I felt fine. That's exactly the kind of kick I needed. If you do sports, I recommend this drink as a replacement for classic stimulants.
Pavel Zatloukal