3% CBD hemp drops Chilli 10ml, expiration date until 30.9.2020

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Cannabis drops with 3% CBD and chili extract will be appreciated by people suffering from chronic diseases or pain. CBD with chilli prevents colds, relieves joint pain, rheumatism and arthritis. We also recommend the drops as a prevention to strengthen immunity.
This product has an expiration date of 30.9.2020

10 ml

Cannabis drops with 3% CBD and Chilli are suitable for everyone who cares about their health. Our hemp drops are a fully spectral product, cleaned of all harmful substances. Unlike artificially prepared drops, we also do not add aromas, but extracted oils. In this case, we chose chilli.
Cannabis is very antioxidant and also acts as a natural antibiotic. Likewise, capsaicin, which is a vegetable alkaloid that is behind the burning taste of chili. The drops have anti-inflammatory effects and thus prevent chronic diseases.
Among other things, the drops can relieve joint pain, rheumatism and arthritis. Cannabis itself is full of vitamins and minerals, thanks to chili, the drops are additionally enriched with other substances, so they are even more effective in strengthening immunity.
Cannabis drops with chilli, blood supply the body, thus preventing the formation of blood clots and heart disease, also help with dental pain or as a supplement in the treatment of cancer. CBD also has a big effect on our psyche, it even replaces antidepressants.


You can start with one drop once a day, with a possible gradual increase up to five drops three times a day. Shake the drop before using it. Then drip them under your tongue and wait 60 seconds. Do not exceed the recommended amount.

Keep hemp drops out of the reach of children and protect them from sunlight, heat and moisture.

Why did we choose chili?

There are several important minerals and vitamins in chilli. It also contains capsaicin, which is behind the hot taste and has strong antioxidant properties. As a result, it is very effective in preventing colds and chronic colds. The hot blooded chili also speeds up the metabolism, and awakens the cells to activity. This not only helps in weight loss, but also increases the production of gastric juices, and slows down the absorption of sugar in the body. Therefore, it is also suitable for diabetics. In addition, it evokes a feeling of satiety, so it fits perfectly into the period of reduction. Chilli is considered a natural aphrodisiac, mainly by circulating the whole body, and at the same time prevents the formation of blood clots and heart disease. The content of capsaicin also activates the production of endorphins and serotin, so that, among other things, chili improves mood. Thanks to the active ingredient CBD, all these effects are exacerbated.

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