3% CBD hemp drops Mint 10ml, expiration date until 30.9.2020

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Hemp drops with 3% CBD and mint are suitable for those who, in contrast to chili and cinnamon extract, want to soothe, cool and heal the body’s irritation. The drops are suitable for people suffering from problems with the digestive tract, respiratory tract or allergies. With regular use, they also improve acne and eczema.
This product has an expiration date of 30.9.2020

10 ml

Cannabis drops with 3% CBD and mint are the best choice for regular migraines, headaches or inflammation of the body. The fresh scent of mint already signals the disinfecting effects, thanks to which it is suitable to use the drops for respiratory diseases, whether chronic or common colds. CBD supports bowel movement and proper digestive function. It calms inflammation of the intestines, and is therefore very effective in the treatment of Crohn’s disease, IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, etc. Since mint is also used to soothe digestive problems, we believe that this combination is absolutely ideal for people suffering from these problems. Thanks to the natural ingredients from hemp and mint extract, the drops offer the calming effects of the whole organism.


You can start with one drop once a day, with a possible gradual increase up to five drops three times a day. Shake the drop before using it. Then drip them under your tongue and wait 60 seconds. Do not exceed the recommended amount.

Keep hemp drops out of the reach of children and protect them from sunlight, heat and moisture.

Why did we choose mint?

Mint is known for its calming effects, especially of the digestive system, where it relaxes the muscles of the intestines, supports the nervous system, and thus helps with stomach problems, nausea and anorexia. Mint has a great property to cool and relieve pain. Due to its soothing effects, mint is often used to heal wounds, eczema and other skin diseases that require deep regeneration. Therefore, drinking mint tea relieves infections in the body and inflammatory acne. Other uses can be found for colds, coughs and bronchial diseases, where inhalation of mint releases mucus, rhinitis and the overall passage of the airways.

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