3% CBD hemp drops without chlorophyll Orange + MCT

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You will appreciate cannabis drops for joint pain, headaches, stress or acne. CBD has healing potential, is antioxidant and acts as a natural antibiotic. Now you can enjoy a new range of universal hemp drops without chlorophyll, which attract with their beautiful golden color and more pleasant taste.

10 ml

In this product, we combined the beneficial effects of cannabis with MCT oil and made the whole work more pleasant with orange peel. The drops were created in an accredited laboratory, where they were freed of chlorophyll, so they attract with their golden color and more pleasant taste. However, you don’t have to worry, we have preserved all the beneficial substances that occur naturally in cannabis.
Hemp oil and CBD have antibacterial and antioxidant properties that support your immune system and stimulate the body. Together with MCT oil, they can positively influence your weight loss efforts and increase regeneration.

MCT oil contains medium chain fatty acids, which makes it different from other oils. It is actively used in reduction diets and is recommended for athletes for better performance. In addition, it improves cognitive function and supplies energy, so you will appreciate it even in demanding work that requires concentration, study, or for an overall improvement in life.

Orange peel contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. It improves digestion, sleep and serves as a prevention against cancer.

Thanks to CBD, all these properties are deepened, so you can expect maximum effects. With regular use, you can prevent a stroke.


You can start with one drop once a day, with a possible gradual increase up to five drops three times a day. Shake the drop before using it. Then drip them under your tongue and wait 60 seconds. Do not exceed the recommended amount.

Keep hemp drops out of the reach of children and protect them from sunlight, heat and moisture.

Our tip: orange peel together with CBD can help fight dandruff, thanks to the essential oils that occur in the peel. CBD also prevents mold.

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