3% CBD hemp drops without chlorophyll Sea buckthorn + MCT

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In this elegant bottle you will find the comfort of your problems and a comprehensive improvement of life. CBD has healing effects, serves as a natural antibiotic and balances the overall condition of the body. Sea buckthorn is also known for its positive effects on the immune system and is full of antioxidants that contribute to vitality and longevity. The drops also contain MCT oil, which gives you energy and supports brain activity.


Sea buckthorn is naturally rich in vitamins and amino acids. Thanks to this, it supports the immune system, accelerates regeneration and acts as a preventive against colds. Like cannabis, sea buckthorn helps with convalescence and has antidepressant properties. These drops can help people suffering from depressed moods, stress and anxiety. The drops were created in an accredited laboratory, using methods that retain all the positively active substances found in cannabis. Due to the removal of chlorophyll in the drops, cannabinoids are better absorbed by people sensitive to chlorophyll. CBD has antibacterial and antioxidant properties, and is generally known for its healing effects, as is sea buckthorn. Hemp drops with sea buckthorn and MCT oil will thus become your faithful partner during the autumn and winter seasons.

MCT oil contains medium chain fatty acids, which makes it different from other oils. It is actively used in reduction diets and is recommended for athletes for better performance. In addition, it improves cognitive function and supplies energy, so you will appreciate it even in demanding work that requires concentration, study, or for an overall improvement in life.


You can start with one drop once a day, with a possible gradual increase up to five drops three times a day. Shake the drop before using it. Then drip them under your tongue and wait 60 seconds. Do not exceed the recommended amount.

Keep hemp drops out of the reach of children and protect them from sunlight, heat and moisture.

Our tip: we recommend hemp drops with sea buckthorn to all athletes who want to keep themselves in 100% condition.

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